If all I knew about Common Core came from reading the papers

If all I knew about Common Core came from reading the papers, or even magazines, I might believe it was a good idea.

If I had not had direct contact with former Governor Jim Hunt’s team for many years, I might believe June Atkinson, North Carolina’s Superintendent of Public Instruction, when she says Common Core opponents aren’t being truthful.

Unfortunately for Governor Hunt and Ms. Atkinson, I’ve spent enough time in Raleigh and Chapel Hill to see firsthand how they and their associates say one thing while doing another. I absolutely do not trust the Jim Hunt team on educational issues. Since that team and the James Hunt Institute are key players in pushing Common Core, count me a dedicated opponent.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice – not happening.

As a parent, I trusted our public schools. They betrayed that trust. And I set out to learn what happened. I did, and over the next few weeks I hope to share what I learned on this site.

For starters, I learned that North Carolina’s “experts” had put in place a curriculum that worked for those running the system but was a disaster for students. Unfortunately, North Carolina’s press has acted more like a lapdog than a watchdog when it comes to exposing who profits from mismanaging the UNC Schools of Education and the Department of Public Instruction.

Want proof? Let’s start with something simple. As a legislator, I held a well-attended press conference at the General Assembly at which I documented the fact that DPI had intentionally misled parents and the public for years by claiming fourth grade writing scores were improving when they knew fourth grade writing skill was declining. How did they get away with it? They used a fourth grade writing test that didn’t include the mechanics of writing in the score – little things like spelling, punctuation, capitalization, correct use of parts of speech were ignored.

In other words, a child could be getting A’s in writing when they didn’t have a clue how to write a proper English sentence.

The State Board of Education knew what I said was true, and the press was provided ample documentation, but both groups circled the wagons to keep parents in the dark.

If Ms. Atkinson wants to discuss dishonesty, perhaps she would like to explain to parents why they were told their children were being taught to write when that was so very far from true.

Common Core – Rotten at the Core

More to come . . .

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